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UCC: Cervical Cage®

UCC® is an interbody cervical cage in PEEK OPTIMA LT®, used by anterior fixation.

This cage was designed without blade as an alternative to HRCC®.

The UCC® cages may need to be associated with anterior fixation

systems, upon surgeon’s choice. The cages exist in sizes varying from 4 to 9 mm.

The UCC® cages present a large fusion space.

The cage is radiolucent with clear x-ray witnesses.

It is provided with the most compact kit which includes all the key instruments and monobloc trial cages.

The UCC® cage is protected by EUROSPINE patent licence


The UCC® cervical cage presents following advantages :

  • Anatomical shape
  • Large fusion surface
  • Large bearing surface
  • Easy surgical technique
  • Easy instrumentation
  • Easy inventory
  • Custom fit bone substitute adapted to the size of each cage