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Alif Double Locking Cage A2L®

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A2L Double Locking® Cage presents several advantages:

  • Easiest locking mechanism : To lock the cage, just turn the instrument after insertion.
  • This mechanism reduces the risk of migration thanks to the titanium blades.
  • The initial and secondary stability is supported by the system of double blades as well as the anatomical shape of the cages.
  • The X-ray follow-up is easy, thanks to double blade mechanism, used as x-ray marker as well.
  • The cage is in PEEK optima LT® : it is radiolucent.
  • Anatomical shape adapted to physiological curves.
  • Wide choice of cages (size and lordosis angle).
  • Zero profile to prevent hardware protrude : Cage and locking mechanism are in interbody space. Everything is located into the cage during insertion. Emerging part of blades exceed the cage after insertion.
  • Secure mechanism : The whole Locking mechanism is jailed into cages’ central space.
  • Large fusion space.
  • Large contact area.
  • Simplicity of instrumentation and surgical technique.
  • Reduced training time.

Alif Double Locking Cage A2L® is part of a wide range of radiolucent cages equipped with a unique patented locking double blade mechanism, offering a variety of alternatives for the anterior surgery of lumbo-sacral spine.

The immediate and secondary stability of the cage is supported by simple rotation of instrument (UNIQUE CONCEPTION) which makes the two titanium blades penetrate into vertebral plates as soon as the instrument is turned.

The blades are completely integrated inside the cages.


The overall mechanism is protected by 7 patent licences.