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  • Locking Cage Cervical: HRCC®

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  • Locking Cage Cervical: HRCC®

    The stability of the implant is supported by simple rotation of the instrument after the insertion of the cage.
    Locking cervical cage HRCC® presents several advantages:

    Anatomical shape
    Stops on the instrument help to avoid accidental nerve compression.
    Large fusion space
    Excellent distribution of impacting shocks
    Easy surgical technique
    Clear presentation of the container
    Easy instrumentation
    Custom Bone substitute are available, for easy insertion into the cage
    Laser marking on the blade
    The design of the cage prevent migration
    Easy ancillary container: trial cages of different sizes and unique implant holder with minimum need to educate the staff before using and ordinary sterilisation
    Very easy system of fixing without the need of handling in force which supports a fixing both for extrusion and intrusion and which allows to adjust the cage if neccesary
    Scope control reduced, only 2 scopes: with the trial cage and the cage (visual marking on the cage)
    Xray marker on the radiolucent cage
    The blade is designed to support primary and secondary stability to the cage. As the cage is radiolucent, the blade can also be used as an X-ray witness.

  • Locking Cage Cervical: HRCC®

    Radiograpie HRCC
  • Locking Cage Cervical: HRCC®