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  • Ostheosynthesis System Modular Plate Multifunction MPM®

    The MPM (Mono plate Multi Functional) Osteosynthesis System is a fixation system by pedicular screws, classical plates and modular plates. Each modular plate has two oblong openings, a specific lordosis angle and sizes. Thus the surgeon can so reconstruct the physiological lordosis of the patient by appropriate assembly obtained by combination of MPM modular plate, according to the preoperative data, (with regard in particular to the quality of the bone of the patient, ligaments and muscles quality, etc.).

    The MPM osteosynthesis system offers as well multiaxial monobloc blue screws helping alignment of pedicular screws by simple tighting of blue screw by the screwdriver (maximum of a quarter turn).

    MPM mono-segment plates are being superposed to create a long assembly. A plates them self to different position of pedicular screws.

    This portfolio, initially commercialised in 1998 under the trade mark THAMSIN, included classical rigid plates with multiple openings.

    On the same pedicle screws, the surgeon can choose, peroperatively, to use rigid rods thanks to the rods fixator. It is particularly indicated for traumatic spine. In this way MPM® portfolio consists of a three-in-one system: the traditional plate system, modular plate system and the rod system.

    The different components of the MPM® portfolio are protected by several EUROSPINE licenses of patent of Eurospine. (Please contact EUROSPINE for more informations)

  • Ostheosynthesis System Modular Plate Multifunction MPM®

    The MPM osteosynthesis system present different advantages:

    Possibility of combine multiple modular rigid plates having different angles and size at each levels.
    The unique design of multiaxial monobloc blue screws offer the possibility of helping to align pedicle screws by simple tightening (maximum of a quarter of a turn).
    In case of revision, no need to dismantle the existing ostheosynthesis to extend the fixation to adjacent levels thanks to the modular plate.

    EUROSPINE offers an optional alternative fixation by rod system; the rod can be assembled on the same pedicle screws (available in the same container of implants).

  • Ostheosynthesis System Modular Plate Multifunction MPM®

  • Ostheosynthesis System Modular Plate Multifunction MPM®