Ostheosynthesis System Modular Plate Multifunction MPM®

This system offers multiaxial monobloc solid screws (innovative concept) facilitating the alignment of pedicular screws by a simple movement of the screws by the surgeon. The plate also exists in an adjustable version which may be adjusted to rigid, semi-rigid or flexible position by the surgeon peroperatively by a simple rotation.

The MPM® system of dynamic ostheosynthesis is a unique modular plate with two holes which may be transformed from rigid to dynamic by a simple act of unscrewing of the plate by 180° made by the surgeon depending on pre-operative data as well as those acquired during the intervention (particularly in view of the
quality of the bone of the patient, the state of their ligament and muscles etc.)

This system offers monosegmental plates with two holes made in different lordosis angles and in different sizes.

These monosegmental plates are superposed in a long assembly. The plates adapt to all random forms taken by the pedicular screws.

This system, initially commercialised in 1998 under commercial mark THAMSIN, included classic rigid plates with multiple holes.
Peroperatively, the surgeon may also choose to use rigid rods with fixators (ERS system) on the same pedicular screws. This system is particularly appropriate for traumatic spine disorders. Thus, the MPM system consists of a set of 4 in 1: the system of rigid plates, the system of modular plates either semi-rigid or flexible, the system of classic plates as well as the system of ERS rods for traumatic spine disorders.

The different components of MPM® system are protected by several EUROSPINE patent licences. You may contact EUROSPINE for the references of corresponding patents.

Ostheosynthesis System Modular Plate Multifunction MPM®

Ostheosynthesis System Modular Plate Multifunction MPM®