Locking Cage Cervical: HRCC

Locking cervical cage HRCC® is part of a range of stand alone cages offering a primary and secondary stability locking mechanism without the need of anterior plate fixation (please refer to instructional notice of HRCC® implants). The cage is inserted according to routine technique, then the surgeon locks the cage by simple rotation of the instrument.

The blade penetrates into vertebral plates and prevents primary and/or secondary micro movements, advancing the fusion of the graft with vertebra.

In case of revision, the surgeon may unlock the cage by a simple opposite rotation of the instrument.

The cervical locking cage HRCC® is used as « stand alone » without the need of the ostheosynthesis except for the cases of traumatic (fractures) or osteoporotic cases.

These cages are commercialised since 2002, first distributed by Sulzer Co. (Swisserland), then by Zimmer Co. between 2004 and 2009.

Eurospine has been distributing HRCC®
cages by its own distribution network since 2007 in more than 14 countries.

To date, more than 17000 cervical locking cages HRCC have been implanted without any complications inherent to these remarkable cages.

The innovative mechanism of cervical Locking Cage HRCC® is protected by multiple EUROSPINE patent licences.

Locking Cage Cervical: HRCC

Locking Cage Cervical: HRCC